Mimetix 0,20g BIO Munition CAMO im Sackerl-5000  x3

Mimetix 0,20g BIO Munition CAMO im Sackerl-5000 x3
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Beschreibung Mimetix 0,20g BIO Munition CAMO im Sackerl-5000 x3  ArtNr MUN429A-3
Hersteller Mimetix  Kaliber 6mm
Stk 3x 5000  Gewicht 0,20g

The new MIMETIX BIODEGRADABLE BBS are Certified 100% Biodegradable (made of Polylactide Test report n. 0030FPMMATs12_2) and their unique special Camouflage Pattern makes them totally invisible when on the ground, giving the benefit to the user of a true ZERO VISUAL IMPACT. The MIMETIX BBS are invisible right from the moment they hit the ground.

Thanks to the use of the MIMETIX BIODEGRADABLE BBS the environment protection is not anymore a concern for the airsoft player and the playing field owner. Opposite to the white color Biodegradable BB's that are visible on the ground for at least 6 months after they are shot, the MIMETIX BIODEGRADABLE BBS thanks to their unique Camouflage Pattern and colors combination disappear to the eye right in the moment they touch the ground. No matter if your game is in the forest or in the desert, you will not see BBS on the ground waiting that bacteria and microorganisms convert the BB's in natural compost.

The unique color combination of the MIMETIX BBS makes them clearly visible to the shooter and, at the same time totally invisible to the opponent, that cannot locate the adversary.

With their unique Camouflage Pattern, silky polished surface, perfect roundness and no air bubbles inside the MIMETIX BIODEGRADABLE BBS are literally the perfect BBS. The MIMETIX BIODEGRADABLE BBS are the major innovation in the BB's industry over the last 10 years.

1kg=ca. 5000 BB x3


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