Armalite M15A4 Carbine Proline - Vollmetall

Armalite M15A4 Carbine Proline - Vollmetall
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Beschreibung Armalite M15A4 Carbine Proline - Vollmetall  Länge 785/880mm
ArtNr W060  Treffsicherheit ca. 25 m
HopUp Ja-verstellbar  Hersteller ASG
Meter/Sekunde 120  Schusskapazität 14/sek semi/vollautomatik
Batterie Type Li-Po split  Kaliber 6mm
Volt 7,4V  Magazinkapazität 360
Stk 1  Gewicht 3030g
Mah 1300     

Diese M15A4 ist komplett aus Metall und hat ein 360 schuss high cap Magazin inkludiert.Umschaltbar von Einzelschuss auf Dauerfeuerfunktion.

We are proud to introduce the Next Generation in Airsoft.
The Next Generation Proline has been developed to meet the requirements of experienced airsoft users. By using enhanced parts, redesigned outer components and high-quality internals the Next Generation Proline series will impress with its built quality, accuracy and upgrade-ability. 
Proline ARMALITE M15A4 Carbine with realistic bolt catch release function.
Authentic markings fully licensed by Armalite Inc.
This solidly constructed Proline AEG, with full metal front barrel and flash suppressor as well as full metal upper and lower receiver. Together with a 6 position collapsible stock and front grips made from heavy duty polymer, it combines into a durable and dependable Airsoft AEG. Pulling the charging handle opens the dust cover while pulling back and locking the simulated bolt to reveal the adjustable hop-up dial, to release the bolt, press the bolt release just like on the real weapon. It features a removable top handle with integrated metal sights, fully adjustable for windage and elevation. A picatinny style top rail on the upper receiver allows easy mounting of either scope or a dot-sight.
The gearbox is designed to be compatible with ULTIMATE upgrade parts for easy custom modifications. The fuse has been placed in the front grip for easy access.
Included is the innovative 360rd. Hi-cap Flash magazine, its spring is wound up by a pull-cord in mere sec-onds.

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