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ArtNr: LDG114

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Discover the brand new FM M4-05 in its 4.5 mm version, running on CO2. With a power of 3.73 joules, this replica will be perfect for beginners or those who want to improve their shooting skills. Enjoy a product equipped with a non blowback system, easy to use and maintain and which will surprise you with its durability.


You will find all the official markings of the brand, followed by feathfull weight and dimensions, to offer you shooting sessions that are even closer to the reality.

Beschreibung FN M4
Länge 773-850mm
ArtNr LDG114
Type CO2
Hersteller Cybergun
Meter/Sekunde 150
Schusskapazität semiauto
Kaliber 4,5mm
Magazinkapazität 18
Stk 1
Gewicht 2300g
Joule 3,8

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