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ASG TAC Repeat 4,5 inkl. High Power Magazin (8J)

ArtNr: LDG108

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The new Airgun Rifle, extends the T.A.C family with a new hard hitting rifle. Using 88gr CO2 cartridges the T.A.C Repeat has an output starting at 1.7 Joules, but with the upgraded drum mag (sold separately Ref.18909), it shoots out the 4.5 pellets out at an impressive 8 Joules, increasing both range and accuracy.

The drum mag holds 12 rounds of 4.5mm/.177 Pellets and is easy to reload. With the rifled barrel, the T.A.C Repeat excels in performance and design. 

It comes standard with a red fiber optic front sight, giving the shooter an edge with fast target acquisitions and low light precision. Combined with two accessory rail systems you can complete the perfect rifle setup with bipods, scopes and lasers.

High power 12 round pellet magazine for the TAC Repeat (ref. 18908)is included. Made from metal to withstand the much higher pressure, this revolving magazine allows an increase in CO2 flow creating higher muzzle velocities. Up to 8 Joules.

> Easy to operate
> Adjustable rear sight
> Optic fiber front sight
> Quick change of CO2 capsule
> High power pellet magazine

CO² Gewehr - 4,5mm Diabolo. 88g CO² Kapsel.

Beschreibung ASG TAC Repeat 4,5 inkl. High Power Magazin (8J)
Länge 1075mm
ArtNr LDG108
Type CO²
HopUp Nein
Hersteller ASG
Meter/Sekunde 185
Kaliber 4,5mm
Magazinkapazität 12
Stk 1
Gewicht 2567g

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