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STI Combat Master (John Wick 3)

ArtNr: WC48
EUR 139,90 inkl. 20% Mwst / exkl. Versand


The STI Combat Master is the result of taking the classic 1911 design and updating it for the 21st century.
Designed with new refinements and modifications to the ‘2011’ platform to improve the ‘Combat Master’ for competition shooters. This revolutionary re-design sports a wide range of enhancements to give you the edge at the range or in an airsoft skirmish. The rugged metal slide has been cut and refined to lighten the pistol while carefully placed serrations and its stippled grip enable perfect hold and grip – even in the most testing conditions. The flared magwell and enlarged magazine release allow for flawless reloads while a perfectly tuned trigger ensures a crisp break and light response. Lastly, professional competition ‘target’ sights with a fibre optic foresight assist in rapid target acquisition!

While a highly regarded competition pistol, this exciting high performance handgun is perhaps best known, however, for its blockbuster appearance in the smash hit action movie John Wick 3 ‘Parabellum’ during the explosive shootout at the Continental Hotel

The Combat Master is fully licenced by leading firearms manufacturer STI / Staccato 
• Fully licensed by STI / Staccato
• With CO2 magazine out of the box
• DVC pistol grip stippling pattern provide a comfortable and slip-resistant grip
• Outer barrel with rose gold coating
• Flared magwell for quick reloads
• Target style sights with fibre optic fore sight
• Extended magazine release
• The muzzle energy with CO2 magazine / gas magazine: 0.8 joule
• Used by none other than John Wick himself, aka Baba Yaga or ‘The Boogeyman

Beschreibung STI Combat Master (John Wick 3)
Länge 225mm
ArtNr WC48
Type CO²
HopUp Ja verstellbar
Hersteller ASG
Meter/Sekunde 90
Schusskapazität 1
Kaliber 6mm
Magazinkapazität 24
Stk 1
Gewicht 1020g
Joule 0,8

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